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To quality on the one.

Salon We aim for simple and high quality in all environments, products and technologies
There are times when it is not so, depending on the circumstances, that the customer wants this to be done.
For example, when a clipper of a magazine was brought in, the hairdresser promised me to make it the same hairstyle,
As a result, there should be times when it felt like “not at all”.
This is due to the fact that you do not fully understand the customer’s skeleton, hair quality, condition, and potential preferences.
We will talk face-to-face and start to practice after being satisfied by our customers.

Commitment to non silicon, organic
All shampoos used in Rams are actually used by our staff
“It is truly wonderful, I would like to introduce you to our customers” is a product I think.
We propose things to use according to non silicon, organic and hair quality · skin · lifestyle · design.
The simpler and better quality is the attention of Rams.

To make you feel comfortable
In Ramus, conscious of indoor temperature and humidity, comfortable space, expert flower arrangement etc.
We prepared customer’s condition in the best environment on that day that we arrived at the salon,
I would like to have my heart and hair clean as well.
That is our desire.

Rams does not make my hair hurt
So that permanent permanent style will last forever. Just like a glittery color will last forever.
We are trying to treat your hair and skin so that it will not be damaged. For example, when doing permanent or color,
Apply protein (keratin · collagen) CMC according to your hair quality before and after applying the medicine.
In addition, we will treat it with shampoo or acid rinse with high buffer effect so that wave and color will settle, and to remove drug odor.
Treatment was selected only for products with high repair effect rather than coating.
I am also thinking about which part of the hair I’m working on

Not just hair style
Rambus’ commitment is not limited to hair. Refreshes the scalp accumulated daily around the scalp, shoulder and relieve it.
In order to make your “want to become beautiful” realized, we have various menus besides cuts and perm and color.
We also aim to create a space that considers total beauty among customers such as selling select items of commitment at stores.